Tuesday, November 10, 2009

PSA - the Not Safe For Work tag

We're all adults here. Or if we aren't, there's an adult watching over our shoulder, isn't there?

I'm an adult. I love the childish stuff, but I also love the childish stuff with an adult theme. Sometimes those things may get posted here.

No, I'm not talking about porn. I mean, really...

Stuff like swearing. Raunchy language. People yelling, "FUCK!!!!" Videos, mainly. Yes, I am now officially addicted to the You Tube. Love the You Tube. Gotta have the You Tube!

I will warn you if I post something that is Not Safe For Work. It will be tagged. And not with one of those cutesy little "nsfw" tags that leaves you scratching your head, wondering what that acronym means, and then you remember, just after someone on your computer screen yells in a loud voice, "FUCK!!!!"

No, it will say quite plainly, in the tags, Not Safe For Work. But you are an adult (or are being supervised by one), and it is your responsibility to look for it.

Enjoy the show.

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